Nothing makes me happier than knowing you are happy with your experience working with me

Drew + Abigail

"Kaleigh made the process so fun and stress-free! She was willing to capture ideas we had too, PLUS she managed to get our crazy dog Daisy to sit still for a few photos!"

Jai - Senior

"OMG!! " These are so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing them with me so soon, I'm going insane over how great these are!!!!"

Mitch + Kelly

" We were so happy with our experience. Kaleigh made it so easy to book with and we love having her as our family photographer! We have used her for multiple sessions for different milestones in our life and we love looking at the photos around our home."

Cory + Patty

"She is absolutely a natural behind the camera, talented with positioning, so easy to work with, kind and patient… You won’t regret choosing Kaleigh for your photography needs for any special occasion!"

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